Deus Ex Mankind Divided Steelbook Day One - PS4

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Im.Kykloforias 23/8 / 2016 Adam Jensen epestrepseVriskomaste in the year 2029. The world is still trying to recover from Aug Incident, the day when all citizens of the world with mechanical prosthetic suddenly lost control of the body and minds them.The result was to die millions of innocent and golden age of the prosthetic to end violent manner.Those mechanically modified people now considered exiled and marginalized from mainstream society. Crime is rampant. Terrorist acts are common. however, cover with a thin veil of a much larger conspiracy that aims to control the future of the human eidous.I Day 1 Edition includes: • 3 Weapon / Item Packs • Extra In-Game Mission • Digital OST Sampler, Digital Comic Book, Digital Novella & Digital Artbook (auto translated)

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