Streetfighter Fight Neon Light

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The Streetfighter Fight Neon Desk Light is designed in-house at FanFit Gaming + each one is made from hand bent glass tubing, so each light will be slightly different ( but all still awesome!) Streetfigther revolutionized the fighting game genre. If you talked a big game, and did nothing but button mash, as soon as the announcer would say “fight” – all bets were off and the truth would be revealed.

Our Fight neon light makes a great gift, and is about as unique as it gets when it comes to streetfighter merch. We can’t help your streetfighter skills, but we can make your gaming setup look like a knockout.

These lights do not get hot to touch, or make any noise. So you can game in peace, stream without distraction, or just sit back and marvel at all it’s glory.

Approximately 16 cm x 35 cm ( 5 inches x 13.75 inches)

- Retro style Large Neon Light
- Adaptor, base and cord included
- No batteries required
- No noise
- Doesn't get hot to touch
- Neon lasts 8-15 years (up to 130,000 hours!)


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