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Batman: Arkham VR PS4 immerses you in the Dark Knight’s Universe and redefines what it means to be the Batman.

Experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective in an all new Arkham mystery.

Think like Batman. Utilize his legendary gadgets in Virtual Reality to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of Batman’s closest allies.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne is woken by an alarm clock from a nightmare about his parents' murder at the hands of Joe Chill. He is informed by his butler Alfred that there is an urgent situation that requires his attention. Activating a secret entrance to the Batcave beneath his manor, Wayne puts on his Batsuit and gadgets to become Batman. In the Batcave, Alfred informs Batman that both Robin and Nightwing have disappeared and he has been unable to contact them. Batman activates Nightwing's tracker and locates him in Central Gotham. Heading out in the Batmobile, Batman arrives to find Nightwing dead in an alley. His investigation reveals that despite his nearly unrivaled training and skills, Nightwing was defeated in single combat and had his neck snapped. His investigation further reveals that one of Penguin's henchmen witnessed the murder before fleeing.

Batman travels in the Batwing to confront Penguin in his Iceberg lounge club. He interrogates the Penguin and learns that the witness was blown up by a mysterious assailant before he could reveal the killer's identity. Batman next infiltrates the Gotham morgue to examine the victims of the explosion, and is able to piece together shrapnel from the explosive to identify it as belonging to a demolitions company working on a sewer project beneath Founders Island. By focusing his search in this area, Batman is able to make radio contact with Robin who warns that he is being held to lure Batman into a trap.

As Batman moves through the sewers, he hears intercom announcements from the Joker. Batman finds Robin in a cage. While attempting to free him, Batman himself is captured. Robin notes Joker-styled graffiti on the cage, believing that their captor is emulating the Joker. Batman and Robin attempt to escape, but they are attacked by Killer Croc. They use the electrified cages to stave off his attacks. After Robin escapes his cage, he is crushed against Batman's cage by Croc before being eaten.

The screen flashes and Batman's cage suddenly transforms into an elevator descending into the depths of Arkham Asylum. As Batman explores the facility he comes across a series of inmate cells, interacting with each one before the last reveals a captive Joker. As Batman turns to leave, he finds himself locked alone inside the Joker's cell. The room begins to change, displaying scrawled accusations of "killer" and "HA" on the walls, as it is revealed that it was Batman who murdered Nightwing, blew up the witness, and lured Robin into the trap to get him killed. He committed these actions under the influence of the Joker, who has infiltrated Batman's body and mind through a transfusion of his infected blood; prior to his death in Arkham City. As Batman looks into a mirror and sees the Joker as his reflection, his nemesis announces that the dynamic duo are together at last.

The game is presented as a dream or hallucination caused by the Joker's blood where the sound of an alarm clock can be periodically heard, as can Alfred trying to wake up Bruce Wayne listening to voicemail messages from the deceased Joker.

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