The PlayStation is undoubtedly the most popular and most played gaming console in the world today. Every million consoles are bought across the globe from players of all age brackets. Developed by Sony company this game has changed the way we see gaming today.

Since the release of the first version in Sony has tirelessly to see that each new model comes with substantial improvements. The PlayStation 1 cleared the path for the PlayStation market, its successor the PlayStation 2 console bringing a new dimension to the online gaming world and it still remains the highest selling console of all time.

The advent of the PlayStation 3 brought a dynamic change to the graphics of gaming, featuring HDMI video output for the better gaming experience. The latest release of this line of consoles is the PlayStation 4, bringing with id mind-blowing features that make it unique in the market. Although, its priced at the high side but is it still very affordable and you can get good PlayStation 4 price in UAE.

With the PlayStation 4, you can connect to the online PlayStation network to enjoy the numerous online features it offers. You create an online account and built an avatar that would represent your presence in the online community.

Enjoy online multiplayer gaming with friends and lots of other gamers from around the world. Take advantage of the PlayStation Vue option and stream your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix, HBO, Hulu and many more.

Share that new exciting game you just got with the PlayStation 4 share play option. This allows your friend that is yet to purchase that game an opportunity to join in on the fun by jumping into the game with you from his own PlayStation 4 console.

Enjoy realistic gaming with super clear picture quality and graphics, as the PlayStation 4 is HDR enabled. Play with an HDR TV for superb experience and feel your game come to life.

If you live in the UAE you can enjoy all these mouth-watering features of the PlayStation 4 at a good bargain. We have gone through the trouble of searching for the most affordable prices you could get this console. Our search revealed that the best PlayStation 4 price in UAE starts from AED 1012.99 to AED 1268. I’m sure you agree with me that it is a fair deal.

Playstation 4 price in uae

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